PipeDream is a not for profit production company passionate about creating a high standard of theatrical art. PipeDream was created by a group of young inspired theatre makers interested in pushing the bounders of genre, style and content while still paying homage to the rich diversity of story telling of past and present. From its beginnings in 2007 PipeDream has created four productions under the leadership of Paul Terrell as the Artistic Director that have received critical acclaim.

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In addition to creating their own work, PipeDream is dedicated to supporting other emerging artists. To do this, PipeDream created the PipeDreamers Program. PipeDreamers aims to help other artists create original work that is of a professional quality through administrative and creative support. Thus far the PipeDreamers Program has supported two productions, “Wilde” directed and devised by Rebecca Ferretti and “Per Se” directed and devise by Ivan Sikic (2009).

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If you wish to learn more about PipeDream‘s past productions, media attention or up-coming productions, please email your enquiry to enquiry@pipedream.org.au